The B.A. (Hons) Animation course has access to resources throughout the faculty. Classes are taught chiefly within the Eldon Building, much of which has undergone an extensive program of refurbishment with a large investment in technology and infrastructure (continuing). Each area has been designed to offer a flexible blend of teaching and working environments with adjoining formal and informal computer areas and wireless network throughout; this includes the development of a lightbox room with 3 pc/rostrum setups incorporating Dragonframe for capture and animation.

Animation Room

Informal Teaching Area

In addition, other facilities throughout the building are available for students to access, with well over 400 computers (PC workstations & Mac's) and all the main 2D/3D animation software (Maya, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop,Toonboom, Flash), and innumerable copies of other core software packages.

Within the Eldon Building and area there are multiple physical facilities, including a Motion Capture studio, Wacom Cintiq Suite, TV studios, Computer Games Labs, Music studios as well as a VR research lab, which is used to house all of our emerging technologies.

The Eldon Building has recently been extended with a new wing, which amongst other things has a screening room and new 200 seat lecture theater.

Aerial view of Eldon Building - Blue dot is the locaton of the entrance