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This is a visually rich site dedicated to showing of the work of our animation students, with a lot of image based links. Whilst I have tried hard to put in alternate links on all pages, I am aware that this does not always work for well for screen readers as they tend to pick up everything. I hope it won't annoy you to much.

Featuring images from Carl Saunders and Emeline Porter Featuring images from Carl Saunders and Emeline Porter Matt Posnford's Helen with her first wand Featuring images from Carl Saunders and Emeline Porter Featuring images from Carl Saunders and Emeline Porter Featuring images from Carl Saunders and Emeline Porter Award winning  'Death, Kitty and the Fat man': Click to splat the cat! Double click for link Alex Robinson's Squirell character from his animation 'happy fun times'. Double click for link Alex Robinson's Owl character from his animation 'happy fun times'. Double Click for link Matt Posnford's Cat from Helens first wand E4 Sting Competition winner: double click to play animation B.A. (Hons) Animation: Link to more information on the course specifics Featuring images from Carl Saunders and Emeline Porter Lina Schwamkrug's main character from her animation 'the way back home' based on a story by Oliver Jeffers

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BA (Hons) Animation, the award-winning course has been under continuous development for the last 20 years. It offers unrivalled (in our view) opportunities to express yourself and gain the skills required to access employment in diverse animation and media related industries.The course received three national awards in 2006. Computer Arts Magazine, Graduate Showcase 2006; three students were featured; the only university in the UK with this number represented. Out of 6 categories Portsmouth BA (Hons) Animation won 2 awards for Animation and 3D Design. A student project also won the prestigious E4 Sting competition. Students from this course have gone on to work for companies Involved in the TV and Film production such as The Mill. Others have found work at Framestore and evenDouble Negative. In addition graduates have found work in computer games companies such as Climax, Sony (SCEE), Rebellion, Stainless Games and even Black Rock Studios: Disney . Others have gone into advertising companies such as Taylor James and I love Dust while others have found work in related industries such as Mo CapCentroid 3d ( Pinewood Studios ). In keeping with the faculties hopes (Creative and Cultural Industries or CCI), some graduates have gone on to form their own companies such as Kinetic Mesh, Krunch Studio who in turn have been able to employ other graduates.

Here is a list of various Graduates since 2004 (in no specific order): Will Pryor , Will Martindale, Dom Alderson , Carl Fell, Marc Geechan, Simon Ridge,, Daim Dzauddin, Lina Kouznetsova, Chris Solarski, Steven Goacher, Nick Rampling, James Ovnik, Martin Kennedy, Luke Janes, Matt Harrad, Chris Ayling, Matt Wells, Dan Osbourne, Rob Armstrong, Gareth Bell, Alex Hammond, James Roberts, David Wortley, David Watts, Clark Denman. Graduates from 2008: Antony Allen, Rob Carr, Ryan Mason Bevan, Adam Wozniak, On Jin Wei, Tom Purrington, Henry Purrington, Eexin Sim, Andrew Sonnes, James Tottman, Amber Wilkins. Graduates 2009: Rinehart Appiah, Sam Barnett, Mike Bolton, Scott Church, Carl Edwards, Jack Fairclough, Jed Fisher, Stephanie Ford, Jason Fox, Nick Haydon, Dario Memarian, Rachel Reed, Frederick Richmond, Alex Robinson, Richard Warren and Stephanie Whitmarsh

We have also had guest lectures from leading relevant companies such as Studio AKA, Sony SCee, Framestore, Climax, Cinecite and others. In addition we also have leading practitioners tutoring on the course, such as Paul Charisse (worked at Weta on Lord of the Rings), Mat Garey (Worked for Psygnosis/Sony), Eva Palacios, Matt Abbiss and Jackie West Phd, as well as guest lecturers Paul Merchant and Jo Ann Kaplan. Associated websites:Christina Kent, VR Lab, ceetee.net A new website has been developed to hi-light the work Creative Technologies do in motion capture within the faculty and the new equipment we have reccently installed to find out more click here. Recently we have been developing our online Tv broadcasts website, which can now be accessed from outside of the university at http://tvproduction.port.ac.uk/

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